About us

Dance is an ancient and celebrated cultural tradition in India. From classical to folklore to Bollywood- and imbibing the Indian roots, we bring all the dance forms under one roof- Alen’s School of Indian Dances.

Alen’s School of Indian dances was found by Alen Chandran in 2013 in Örebro. Initially when commenced, only Bollywood dances were taught. But the passion for traditional and classical dances, invoked a desire to introduce the culture and tradition of India to Sweden. With this vision in mind Alens school of Indian dances was launched in Stockholm on May 2016.

Since then we have successfully performed in all Namaste Stockholm events organized every spring and have received tremendous accolades and feedback. Over the years Alen’s school of Indian dances have been able to demonstrate high quality performances and is now the preferred cultural partner for the Embassy of India in Sweden. In addition to this our students have performed in other prestigious venues such as the Musikaliska Koncerthuset.

We have innovative, trained, creative and dedicated teachers. We at Alen’s school of Indian dances, work together to bring the culture and tradition of incredible India to Sweden.

Let it be Classical dance, Bollywood or Tamil cinematic dance, you have reached the perfect destination.

Step in to our world of tradition, culture, passion and energy.

We provide comphrehensive, personalized instruction ,